Whether you are hanging out as a couple, with friends or having a girls or guys night out, you donít have to spend hundreds of dollars to have fun. If a sporty night out is on the agenda, here are some ideas for keeping costs under $50 for two, while still giving you 2-3 hours of fun.
Bowling. Whether it's your first time  or you have bowled for years, this is a fun sport plus the beer is normally cheap. A little exercise, competition, beer and some pizza will fills your night for several hours. In addition, when you join the bowling alley mailing list, they will send you discount coupons and specials for shoe rentals, food and games.
Minor league baseball games.  If you want to have hours of fun and a similar experience to attending a major league baseball game without breaking the bank, get tickets to a minor league game. This  is still one of the best bargains around. According to MilB.com, the average cost for an adult ticket is $8.00. Throw in some hot dogs and beers for another $25.00 and you are on your way to a great night out.
High school sports. All you empty nesters, this is still a  great way to support your community and local high schools. You can have a couple hours of fun by taking in a high school football or basketball game. These games are normally around $5-$10 per person and you should be able to get food from the concession stand for around $5-$10 per person. Some high schools may also let you bring in your own snacks
Have an idea for cheap sporty fun that will last for hours, share it with us.