1. Red Wine
If you need a way to reduce some stress and burn some fat, try a glass of red wine. According to a recent study conducted by a Oregon State University researcher, drinking or eating products made from dark colored grapes such as red wine could help obese people burn more fat.

Our Picks To Bust That Belly Fat!
3. Hot Peppers
Have you every eaten hot peppers? Do they make you sweat? According to Dr. Oz, Hot Peppers, specifically eating Hot Pepper Jelly in the morning can increase your metabolism and help your body burn more fat.

4. Pickles
A Pickle a day may be what's required to keep the fat away. Low sodium pickles are good for helping to clean your digestive tract. Pickles and other fermented vegetables are sources of bacteria that can help fight inflammation and reduce belly bloating.
5. Eggs

Eggs can be consumed for breakfast, lunch or dinner and the Vitamin B-12 contained in eggs help your body metabolize fat.
2. Walnuts
If you want to reduce your cravings for food plus have that full feeling while still burning fat, walnuts may be for you. Walnuts in moderation are filled with omega-3 fatty acids and are essential to decreasing the accumulation of belly fat.